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Our Guest Loyalty Program

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Guest Loyalty Program | Hocking Hills Serenity Salt Cave

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Learn more about our Guest Loyalty program below ─

About Our Program


    Currently, we are offering our guests to sign up for our 100% FREE Loyalty Program. At the present moment, we are offering this to guests following their Salt Cave or Zen Den Session appointment(s) at our physical location. Our Guest Loyalty program launched recently on February 01, 2021.

How it works

    Not only is our Guest Loyalty program a free simple program to sign up for, it also rewards you as the guest to earn a 100% FREE session!

See Steps Below:

  • Sign up at our facility by filling out a simple registration form.

  • Guest(s) will be presented with a "Loyalty Punch Card" to take with them.

  • Your punch card will be assigned a unique "Card / Member ID Number."

  • Bring your punch card with you to each appointment, and present it to your attendant on arrival so he/she can "hole-punch" your card.
        **NOTE: It is the responsibility of all guests to bring and present their loyalty card at the time of any session. We will not honor your card or credit any points without the physical card.

  • Once you attend four (4) paid appointments/sessions, your fifth (5th) session will become 100% FREE!

    » Following your 4th paid session, you will need to simply log in to your loyalty member portal to obtain your "Reward Code" to apply when scheduling your next session.

             ─ (this will waive all associated fees, making your appointment 100% free of charge).

  • Bring your loyalty card with you to your free session, we will then provide you with a brand new card to begin the process all over again!


Your guest portal will also provide every detail of your membership ─


  • Your Current Loyalty Points.

  • Your Points Needed (until you earn your free session).

  • Your unique "Reward/Redemption Code" (once you've met program requirements) to apply when scheduling your free session online).

  • Access to a scanned copy of your original signed registration form.

  • Your name.

  • Address.

  • Telephone number.

  • Email address.

  • Loyalty card number.
        ... & More!


Please contact us simply by clicking here in the event of questions or further clarification!

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