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Welcome to Hocking Hills Serenity Salt Cave's FAQ platform! Simply browse the questions below, click on the question to reveal the answer to that particular question. Alternatively, you may search our FAQ database by clicking the magnifying glass above at the top-hand corner. Simply begin typing a question you may have, and you will be presented with search result suggestions for any affiliated answer! Of course, we welcome you to contact us at any time for specific questions that may not be included in our database!

What will I need to do with my shoes while in the Salt Cave?

You will store your shoes in an individual open bin underneath the chairs in the main lobby.

Are lockers available for personal use to put electronics, hand bags, keys, etc. into while attending a Salt Cave or Zen Den session?

Yes! small lockers are available for storage of your personal items. You may place your items in these lockers and hold the key to the lock for the duration of your appointment.

What is a Zen Den session, and what does it include?

Zen Den Sessions Relax and rejuvenate in our coastal themed Zen Den. Our heated Himalayan salt domes have potential to increase circulation, reduce inflammation and toxins, stress relief and relief of aches and pains for a variety of conditions such as arthritis and more. PLEASE NOTE:
» This is a 1 person session. Currently, due to COVID-19 there can be *up to 2 people in each session; this particular session. PLEASE BE ADVISED: • We kindly ask that all guests arrive 15 minutes prior to their appointment time for check-in. • All guests are asked to bring a clean pair of white socks with them to their appointment (colored socks are prohibited). • Children under the age of 12 are not permitted. • Kindly review our COVID-19 Safety Guide.

Do I carry in clean white socks and put them on once inside the lobby, or do these need to be on prior to entering the lobby?

Yes, bring a pair of clean white socks inside with you. You will change into them prior to your Salt Cave session.

Are clean, white socks required inside the Salt Cave?

Yes, clean white socks are required while inside the Salt Cave. Colored socks and/or bare feet are prohibited while inside the Salt Cave.

Will jewelry be okay to wear while in the Salt Cave?

It is your option to wear whatever you wish into the Salt Cave. With the exception of anything that may be prohibited as outlined in our policies and procedures, of course. *Please click here to contact us directly for any specific questions related to this.

Do you have specific policies and procedures to protect guests from COVID-19 (Coronavirus)?

Yes, we certainly have specific guidelines in place! -- Due to COVID-19, the following will apply to our operation until further notice: *Scheduling is by appointment only. Masks or proper face covering will be required to enter the business. Masks may be removed while in the salt cave, and must be in place when the session is complete upon re-entering the lobby. We certainly encourage all guests to review our COVID-19 Safety Guide simply by Clicking Here. Thank you for your cooperation! COVID-19 SAFETY GUIDE View the safety guide → ─ Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions! ☺ Schedule Online

How do I schedule an appointment online?

It's quite simple and quick to schedule an appointment online! Simply click here or the button above to schedule your appointment using our detailed, guided platform! • Once you complete your online scheduling, you will instantly receive an email confirmation (and/or a text message) if the telephone number you provided is a mobile phone. • Please carefully review all information contained within your confirmation email. We have included details which are specific to your appointment. Please contact us simply by clicking here for further clarification! ☺

What does it cost to attend a session?

All pricing is subject to your session type. We currently have 3 different appointment types: 1). Single Person Salt Cave Session. 2). Private Group Salt Cave Session. 3). Zen Den Session. You may CLICK HERE to view our current session pricing. Schedule Online | Click Here Please contact us simply by clicking here for further clarification!

* Q&A Coming Soon...

*The next Q&A will be available here soon! Please contact us simply by clicking here for questions! ☺ Schedule your appointment online

Are electronic devices permitted inside the Salt Cave?

RE: Elecronic Devices Electronic devices are strongly discouraged inside the Salt Cave. However, it is your decision to take your electronic device into the session with you. Please note that we will not be responsible for any damage that may occur as a result for any decisions made by our guests. ♦ There have been scientific studies that have shown that salt can actually damage the metals contained within electronics. ♦ Electronic devices are not permitted in "Single Person" Sessions. Electronic devices are only permitted in "Private Group" sessions. » This is merely a precaution to ensure the peaceful experience for all other guests. Please contact us simply by clicking here for questions!

What is a Salt Cave session, and what does it include?

Halotherapy (Salt therapy) provides many healing benefits to the human body. As pure salt is diffused into the air, wellness begins! Negative ions are released and promote calmness within. The salt is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial providing wellness for a variety of respiratory, skin, and emotional conditions. All natural and chemical free, the salt works to reduce inflammation, widens the airway, thins the mucous lining; improving the immune system. As you inhale the pure salt air, it may work to thin mucous and clear debris from the lungs. Halotherapy is an alternative complimentary treatment and may help those who experience Allergies, Asthma, Snoring, Chronic Bronchitis, C.O.P.D., Common Colds/Flu, Cystic Fibrosis, Sinus/Ear Infections, Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, Stress, Anxiety, Fatigue, and more. ─ Others suggest, specifically vocalists and firefighters, that with just a few sessions in our cave has dramatically increased their ability to breathe more clearly, and have noticed a more restful nights sleep. Halotherapy involves breathing in salty air for just 45 minutes and is comparable to breathing in salty air at the beach for 2-3 days. Feel better, breathe better, live better! Schedule Online | Click Here

What is the temperature inside the Salt Cave?

Average Temperature | Inside Our Salt Cave Within our Salt Cave, you will experience an average maximum temperature of approximently 74°F. To learn more about Halotherapy (dry salt therapy) we encourage you to review the "What is a Salt Cave session, and what does it include" topic (located just above this FAQ). Schedule Online | Click Here

Is it safe for women who are pregnant to attend a Salt Cave session?

Pregnancy Safety | Inside Our Salt Cave Yes, Halotherapy (dry salt therapy) is 100% safe during pregnancy. Because salt therapy is a completely natural and drug-free treatment, it’s safe for people of all ages and stages. Salt Caves simply replicate the microclimate of naturally-formed salt caves found throughout the world. Please Note: We are not at liberty to provide medical advice, and we certainly make zero representations for such. We do encourage anyone who is or may be pregnant to consult with their personal physician/OBGYN for any questions or concerns specifically related. Schedule Online | Click Here

Is there a deposit required to schedule a session?

Deposits: Question: is there a deposit required in order to schedule a session? ANSWER: 1). Yes, we do require a deposit to schedule and secure your appointment. ** PLEASE NOTE: » Any and all remitted deposits are non-refundable. If you are not able to attend your appointment and have made a deposit, we would be happy to apply your deposit to a rescheduled session. It is the responsibility of the guest to request these arrangements within reasonable time if desired; refunds will not be issued. ______________ Are you seeking information related to what the minimum deposit amount(s) are? You may CLICK HERE to view our current session pricing, appointment overviews, deposit amounts required for each, Etc. Schedule Online | Click Here Please contact us simply by clicking here for further clarification!

Am I able to purchase a gift card/certificate online?

ONLINE GIFT CERTIFICATES: Yes! We certainly offer the option to purchase digital gift card/certificates online! Our easy to use checkout and redemption process is incredibly simple: 1). Visit our online gift card/certificate store by clicking here. 2). Select your desired amount from the available list of gift certificates. 3). Select "Add to Cart." 4). Complete the checkout process. 5). Once you have completed the checkout process, you will instantly be presented with your digital gift certificate. In addition, this gift certificate will be emailed to the email address you provided upon checkout. HOW TO USE YOUR DIGITAL GIFT CERTIFICATE: » Using a digital gift certificate is simple! 1). Once you have purchased your gift certificate, your certificate will automatically be assigned a "promo" or "certificate code" **(it is highly important to retain this unique code for your reference ☺). 2). All appointments with Hocking Hills Serenity Salt Cave are scheduled online at this time. With this, once you have navigated to our online scheduling platform, select the available date and time you wish to schedule your session. 3). Once you have completed all required information, you will reach the final "check out" page. 4). You will notice a button that says "Redeem Coupon or Promo Code." 5). Simply enter the unique promo code assigned to the certificate you have purchased, and click "Apply" ─ you will then notice the amount of your gift certificate will be applied to any and all balances. 6). You will now be able finish the scheduling process! ...As always, please contact us with any questions or difficulty! ☺ You may CLICK HERE to view or purchase your digital gift certificate online today Schedule Online | Click Here Please contact us simply by clicking here for further clarification!

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